In 2021 the EU banned single-use plastics with the goal of minimizing plastic pollution, as well as marine litter. Things like plastic straws, cutlery, cups, and polystyrene to-go boxes made the top of their lists.

At the end of 2021, France banned plastic packaging on fruits and vegetables, their goal is to phase out all single-use plastics by 2040.

Other European countries are expected to follow on these steps, Spain has already announced their intent to move in the same direction. In 2022, you can expect to see packaging manufacturers and distributors accelerate innovations around eco-friendly designs, materials, and processes, in search of alternatives to plastics.

In the US, plant-based packaging will soon make its market debut.

In Bulgaria, LAM’ON disrupts the printing and packaging market with compostable, corn-based laminating film as well as packaging foil. After years of testing and researching, the team has started moving into production.

Edible packaging is also another trend with the goal of preventing waste. In Bulgaria, Cupffee is taking a new spin on the disposable cup by creating a cereal-based cup that can be safely eaten or composted.