President Joe Biden invoked the Defense Production Act on Monday; his plan is to boost clean energy in the US by placing a two-year freeze on tariffs for solar panels while simultaneously scaling the domestic production of clean energy technologies. 

This action is not only bringing forth thousands of manufacturing jobs but also making the US significantly less dependent on foreign oil and gas. 

Additionally, the DPA includes funding for heat pumps. Heat pumps use electricity to heat and cool homes more efficiently than fossil fuel-dependent systems making homes more energy-efficient and keeping them heated and cooled for a significantly longer period of time. 

Heat pumps are one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to handle both heating and cooling for your home, regardless of where you live. In addition to that, experts say they're one of the best ways for homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint while reaping the benefits of a greener future without sacrificing a single ounce of comfort. 

It's incredibly encouraging that the Biden administration is viewing energy in a holistic and efficient manner, and according to author and environmentalist Bill McKibben, "using the DPA to spur heat pump production could help alleviate the global impacts of the war in Ukraine while also reducing our climate impacts, and Rewiring America released a heat pump-focused policy plan to bolster American manufacturing and labor and reduce Europe's reliance on Russian oil and gas."