Hindustan Unilever Unlimited (HUL), a subsidiary of Unilever, is India’s fastest-moving consumer goods organization and is driven by its goal to create a common practice of sustainable living. 

While bringing innovative products to market, the firm is empowering the lives of its customers and leveraging its unique position to build a brighter future. 

The company’s manufacturing facility in Dapada produces home care products, including surf excel, Rin, and Vim, and has become part of the Global Lighthouse Network, which is a community that is recognized by the WEF (World Economic Forum) for applying new and innovative technologies, as well as developing more sustainable processes for business operations.

“The WEF recognition is a testament to our sustained focus on making the Supply Chain future-fit as part of our ‘Reimagine HUL’ agenda,” says Sanjiv Mehta, President of Unilever South Asia and Managing Director of Hindustan Unilever. 

“This is the first time an FMCG factory in India has been awarded this status, and I hope more will follow as Unilever increasingly digitizes its supply chain function. I would like to thank all our employees in Dapada who have leveraged the factory’s transformation and transitioned to this new, digital way of working.” - Sanjiv Mehta

Some of the initiatives adopted by the company at its Dapada site include:

  • Digital Voice of Consumer, which is a technology enabling consumer-centric agile innovation using insights from social media platforms
  • Predictive analytics that monitors and delivers insights into product performance and changes to product formulations
  • Auto loss correction, which actively mitigates 80% of speed loss through real-time analysis to determine the root cause much faster

To promote sustainability across operations, organizations have the ability to ultimately leverage digital transformation to overcome barriers and reduce impacts that would normally produce secondary and environmentally-damaging consequences.