Veris Residential launched leasing at Haus25, a 56-story residential tower at 25 Christopher Columbus Drive in Jersey City. 

The building is an immaculate sky scraper featuring 750 rental apartments specifically engineered for energy efficiency.

Designed by Elkus Manfredi Architects, the building has been constructed to LEED Silver certification standards and is one of the most water-efficient residential properties in the entire city. 

The building also includes solar-powered hydroplanes that are able to extract water from the air and distribute it to roof decks, drinking fountains, and shower heads that overall optimize water flow.

Additionally, Haus25 offers 24 electric vehicle charging stations in the building’s on-site parking garage and 375 bike parking spaces. In order to reduce residents’ monthly utility bills, the building features combined heat and power that convert natural gas into electricity while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Veris Residential is also offering its residents an app that shares real-time data on energy usage and individual carbon emissions. 

The building also includes energy-efficient systems with a central heating and cooling plant, LED lighting, and elevators that utilize regenerative braking to reduce any electrical demand.

“Haus25 is the quintessential example of how Veris Residential is outfitting our properties with best-in-class environmentally friendly design features that meet the lifestyle preferences of residents while cultivating a true sense of community to enhance their social experience and quality of life. Haus25 encapsulates our vision and ambitions for the future: to create immersive, responsible, holistically inspired spaces that align with goals for health, wellness, and sustainable living,” says Mahbod Nia, CEO of Veris Residential.