Jenny Wassenaar of Trivium Packaging joined Sustainability LIVE to discuss the state of recycling and innovation for a circular economy. 

In order for organizations to make a drastic difference in the realm of sustainability, a circular economy is the best way to move forward, and businesses are now being built and focusing on the premise of zero waste. 

Trivium Packaging, which has its headquarters in Norfolk in the UK, has been on a mission to produce aluminum products that are designed with the intention of an infinite life cycle, and Wassenaar, the chief of sustainability at Trivium says, 

“Sustainability is an imperative these days. We cannot go beyond sustainability anymore, so make sure that it’s at the board level and in your discussions every day.”

According to an infographic Wassenaar provided, the recycling rate of aluminum is approximately 60%, while steel is 67%, glass is 32%, multiplayer composite is 26%, and plastic is only at 14%. 

In addition to the infographic, Wassenaar stressed that no material is 100% recyclable, and innovation is required in order to achieve that.