Aceleron, a clean technology company, has been dedicating itself to improving batteries and making them sustainable.

Founded by Carlton Cummins and Amrit Chadan, Aceleron doesn't produce battery cells themselves, but they're assembling batteries in such a way that makes it possible for batteries to not only be repaired but also be upgraded and recycled. 

Aceleron says they aim to help increase global access to power storage solutions while simultaneously helping the world create a circular economy. 

"We are a cleantech company focused on energy storage. And the fundamental thing we're trying to do is solve two key barriers when it comes to energy storage. One is to do with the battery waste challenge. The way batteries are made today, where everything is glued and welded together, makes it hard to repair and very challenging and complex to recycle," says Cummins. 

Aceleron is also continuing to innovate for cleaner energy by launching small handheld batteries that replace lead-acid ones that are currently being used for stationary energy storage. 

"We also have a battery that we are launching this year which is upgraded for home energy storage. So it's our battery technology, integrated with hybrid inverters, that allows you to power your home with solar energy stored at night. Because it uses our serviceable modular battery, it means you can have a home energy storage system with a lifespan equivalent to solar panels," - Carlton Cummins.

Overall, Aceleron sees the circular economy as a critical way of living.