Veev, an innovative organization developing vertically-integrated building solutions, is supporting leading US housing firm Lennar, which has implemented critical and rigid sustainability standards.

"Lennar and Veev share a passion for innovation, and we are excited to collaborate on this first community and in the years to come as we embrace sustainable, high-quality, and effective alternatives to traditional construction," says Vice President at Veev, Kelly Hampton. "Veev has taken a productized approach to home building as it produces vertically-integrated panel systems. We are doing a significant design-build project with them right now and have others in the pipeline."  

The panelized approach to building is what allows Veev to incorporate responsible sourcing for all products. For example, the fully-closed wall panels leverage the use of recycled steel and have improved their embodied carbon efficiency by 40%. As Veev continues to innovate, the goal will be to implement 99% recycled steel into the products, and the adoption of new technologies will allow Veev to expand upon its offerings in a more efficient manner.