Katrick Technologies has now designed a panel system for capturing wind energy that represents an alternative to conventional wind turbines.

Wind power is a great solution to provide carbon-neutral renewable energy. However, it has numerous limitations. 

Co-CEO Vijay Madlani and Marketing Manager Alexandra Basso say that Katrick Technologies solves this problem by designing the wind panel system to maximize the amount of overall kinetic energy being captured. 

Katrick's panels are multi-layered and independently oscillate when the wind passes through the panels, resulting in energy pockets. Variable-sized aerofoils increase the surface area for capturing kinetic energy, afterwards this is converted into renewable electricity.

Additionally, they're a lot smaller and easier to construct and install due to how small they are. 

This is a major advantage because conventional wind turbines are limited by space and location, additionally, the panels are more adaptable as well as flexible.

Katrick's technologies offer various ways to make green energy. They also provide businesses the ability to make money by making energy off the grid, such as microgeneration sites.

“One of the critical things is that we want to be seen as one of the world leaders in bringing clean, green, innovative technology to market commercially viable” - Alexandra Basso, Marketing Manager, Katrick Technologies.