Reducing emissions and creating a circular economy has been a primary focal point for developers, and as the climate crisis continues, engineers are working vehemently to create innovations that leverage natural resources.

With that in mind, here are a few green innovations. 

Waste-water electricity generator

Oregon State University has created a hybrid electricity generator, which uses microbial fuel cells and reverses electrodialysis. These technologies enable the use of waste water to create electricity. 

Smart meters

Smart meters don't reduce emissions, but when installed in homes, they do allow consumers to reduce their energy consumption, which is a simple and easy way of reducing overall housing emissions. 


Scientists are currently working on creating the regenerative functions of plants and animals. This technology can be used in fibers to enable cuts to patch up minor holes as well as tears. 

Artificial photosynthesis

In addition to biomimicry, scientists are working to mimic the effects of photosynthesis through technology. 

This would allow sunlight and carbon dioxide to create usable energy—a form of carbon capture that will be able to provide even more resources.