Miami-based residential shipbuilder Storylines is planning on launching its new $1.5 billion, 753-foot megaship filled with 547 private residences in 2025. It's called the MV Narrative and is considered to be "the world's first environmentally sustainable private residence ship."

The residences, which range in size from 237 to 1,970 square feet, are on sale now.

Storylines and Croatian shipyard Brodosplit are currently in the design-and-engineering phase of building the massive ship, which the companies say will be the first of its kind to be powered by liquid natural gas propulsion. The method lowers carbon emissions by 25% compared with traditional diesel power.

Those who live on the MV Narrative will get to circumnavigate the globe every three years. They will sail from the ship's home port in Croatia, and then spend up to five days in major ports all around the world.

In addition to the eco-conscious propulsion system, Storylines says the ship is entirely focused on sustainability, and it will include systems to convert waste into energy; there will also be a "zero-waste farmer's market" and will feature locally sourced products, including produce grown in the solar-powered hydroponic garden.