A sustainable perfume is all about responsible sourcing, aka where your staple perfume brand cultivates their ingredients and the manufacturing process.

French beauty brand Lancôme, went beyond sourcing its main ingredient from local farmers to creating an eco-conscious haven with large fields that are dedicated to growing roses.

Lancôme bought land in the Grasse region of France back in 2020,  known worldwide as the home of perfumery.

The property is called Le Domaine de la Rose. It's an ecological horticultural site spanning nearly 10 acres. It has functioned as an organic flower farm for over 50 years, which makes it the perfect location for cultivating organic roses as well as other fragrant plants that you can feature in perfumes, like lavender or jasmine.

Lancôme's role as owner as well as producer of this eco project reflects their long-term commitment to sustainability. The brand also has control over ensuring that the flowers are grown in sustainable and organic ways.

Lancôme hasn't just committed to growing organic buds to bottle. They're also working towards fostering an ecosystem that nurtures the birds and bees, and butterflies. The land is a habitat for over 30 species of birds and butterflies.

The rose is the central ingredient in Lancôme's first-ever natural fragrance, Mille et une Roses. The perfume is made with 97% natural origins, zero colorants, zero stabilizers, and the production has been certified organic by the EU under the well-recognized ECOCERT certification.

If you're looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly perfume to gift this holiday season, check out Lancôme.