One of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions comes from the trucks, trains, and ships that are being used to transport goods and services all over the country.

The industrial and transportation sectors account for approximately 71% of energy consumption in the U.S., and the transportation sector alone produces 29% of greenhouse gas emissions which is the largest share of any economic sector.

Reducing emissions has become a global priority, and transportation and operations leaders are beginning to feel the magnitude of their obligation.

By obtaining data from sensors and cameras, leaders will be able to find new ways to save money, including tracking exactly how much fuel is being wasted with vehicles idling. They will also be looking at more efficient routes and coaching drivers on fuel-saving driving activities.

Better data also helps measure these improvements, so leaders can double down on what's working and what isn't so they could focus their efforts in the right place.

These insights will support government mandates to reduce emissions and provide downstream customers with the information needed to track their own environmental impact.