New research from Bridgestone Mobility Solutions has been causing a lot of concern for those of us hoping for a cleaner fleet and reduced emissions. 

According to the Keener to be Greener study of 300 fleet decision-makers, 53% of commercial fleets surveyed said they had a robust strategy in place for net-zero transport, while more than 34% blamed existing technology systems for holding them back when it comes to managing the environmental impact of their vehicles.

“Transport electrification is gathering pace, but establishing a management strategy for fleet decarbonization is viewed by many as a challenging undertaking,” said Andrea Manenti, Vice President of North Region, Bridgestone EMIA.

“Not only must businesses plan for transitioning to electric vehicles, but also for optimizing their operations – from maximizing electric miles to ensuring effective charging, maintenance, and service delivery. Data insights generated by dedicated software solutions are a critical ingredient to helping simplify this process, enabling fleets to make the right decisions at the right times.” - Andrea Manenti.

The main barriers to EV adoption include a lack of specialist vehicles and a lack of rapid charging infrastructure, adding to that much-touted range anxiety.