Volvo Cars are leaving the European Automobile Manufacturers Association by the end of 2022 due to differences between their zero-emission strategery and that of Europe's car group. 

Volvo has made the commitment to having a fully-electric car range by the year 2030, and they've been incredibly vocal in their view that the industry should be moving towards zero-emission transport, but after the EU parliament voted in favor of a 2035 deadline rather than 2030, they've decided to cut ties. 

ACEA delivered the following statement

"We have concluded that Volvo Cars' sustainability strategy and ambitions are not fully aligned with ACEA's positioning and way of working at this stage. We, therefore, believe it is better to take a different path for now. What we do as a sector will play a major role in deciding whether the world has a fighting chance to curb climate change. We have one of the most ambitious plans in the industry, but we can't realize zero-emission transport by ourselves."