Shell announced that they've supplied its Singapore-based customers with their first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in an effort to decarbonize Asian air travel.

Shell being the leading provider of fuel solutions, has been working with their Singapore-based customers to decarbonize their air transport operations. The supply of SAF to Singapore will allow airlines to begin blending the process of combining SAF with conventional jet fuel to utilize its emissions reduction quality in a ratio as high as 50%.

With an operational blending facility in the region comes the added benefits of producing ready-to-use low-emission fuels for airlines.

"This announcement is an example of how we’re building the capabilities now to accelerate the use of SAF in Asia. We want to become a sustainability leader in this important market. Alongside investing in our capabilities to produce SAF, we are also focused on developing the regional infrastructure needed to get the fuel to our customers at their key locations. Through leveraging our extensive refueling network, I am proud that we are helping our customers to decarbonize by becoming the first supplier of SAF in Singapore," says Jan Toschka, Global President of Shell Aviation.

The SAF that Shell provides is made from waste products as well as sustainable feedstocks that will be blended with conventional fuel to reduce emissions. Some SAF products on the market, including Shell's solution, have been able to reduce emissions from planes by 80%.

The supply of SAF to Asia confirms Shell's commitment to sustainability and bodes well for their plans to reach a yearly production amount of approximately two million tonnes by 2025.