With the heightened focus on the electrification of vehicles, Volvo has been incredibly active in taking the initiative in a transition to a net neutral transportation system, including accelerated production as well as investments within electric cars, trucks, buses as well as fuel cell and European public charging projects.

The automaker stated in their sustainability report that electric vehicles and other machinery are still a small part of their overall portfolio, and they continue to make advancements in the industry.

Volvo started selling heavy-duty electric trucks in Europe in 2021, and they're planning to deliver them by the end of 2022 and continue production of medium-duty electric trucks for urban areas and waste management; additionally, the company will also be presenting their first vehicle made of green steel.

Volvo has also partnered with Daimler Truck and Traton Group by investing $562.3 million with a goal of establishing at least 1,700 charging points for trucks and buses in Europe.