Mercedes-Benz isn't a stranger to sustainability, nor is it shy of entering the vegan space.

In January, Mercedes-Benz announced a sustainability initiative that they hope will encourage more sustainable sourcing within the company and provide an innovative ideas for companies alike.

In an effort to promote sustainable luxury, Mercedes-Benz will be utilizing mushrooms, bamboo and cacti, as materials for a sustainable form of leather for their vehicles.

This vegan leather product will line the seats of Mercedes-Benz's mind-blowing prototype vehicle.

The company partnered with an innovator in this space, Mylo, a company that carries around groundbreaking research and development of mushroom-based leather.

By working with Mylo, Mercedes-Benz will add a whole new layer of sustainability to its EQXX concept car as it targets the critical concerns of EV adoption. Businesses can continuously create automotive sustainability through partnerships and Mercedes-Benz is the perfect example of that.