Automotive Designer Hyeyoung Jessica Suh works for IDEENION Design AG, a design and development company focusing on exploring solutions for the future of mobility, located in Gaimersheim, Germany.

Suh has designed the exterior of the Apollo EVision S and presented the design concepts in late November 2021, saying that the EVision S is taking the first step for Apollo vehicles towards an electrified and more sustainable future. Suh also played a role in the development of Universal Mobility Electrified (UME). UME’s goal has been to create sustainable solutions for numerous vehicles, like urban delivery vehicles (UDV), mobility scooters, as well as drones through modular design. 

Lexie Nowicki, a creative designer at General Motors, has been a huge part of two teams exploring ways to make proposals more sustainable through powertrain, efficiency, size, aerodynamics, and consumer as well as industry demands. 

“We have to look at not only how it actively affects the environment, but also how it is produced, and how industries related to the product affect the environment, such as mining for cobalt, installing new infrastructure for charging stations, the disposal, and reuse of components and products, and the expected longevity and lifespan of the product. Our job focuses on so many more things than just styling the car,” says Lexie Nowicki.

Women in the industry aren’t only working towards solutions for the future of the environment but are also navigating a field dominated by men. 

“My goal is to keep progressing and inspiring brands and vehicles to explore new areas of mobility with an emphasis on efficiency and sustainability. I also look to inspire others, especially women, to get involved in the industry. I want other women to see me and know my story and goals to hopefully inspire them.” - Lexie Nowicki