In the last few years, the automotive industry has changed drastically, and sustainability is at the heart of all changes.

Hankook Tire has reacted to changes in the industry by taking the initiative to promote corporate social responsibility and develop environmental, social, and governance initiatives through research and development.

The company established its CSR fairly early on, but now they're working on producing more sustainable tires by utilizing sustainable materials such as sustainable rubber.

As a result, the company was awarded Gold Class in the S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook 2022, which considered 7,554 companies and recognized those sporting sustainability excellence across 61 industries.

In addition, the company's efforts to create a sustainable supply chain have contributed to its recognition by S&P. Hankook established the E-Circle declaration, which encompasses its sustainable rubber initiative and its sustainable material technology development strategy.

"We are proud that we received the highest rating in sustainable practices. This recognition is a testimonial of our commitment to creating a more sustainable future. Furthering growth as a global leading tire company, we plan to manage our social, environmental, and financial performances to the highest global level," says Soo il Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hankook Tire & Technology.