Now that the pandemic is over, people are itching to travel, but regardless of that, many want to keep the environment in mind while traveling.

According to a report, four in five travelers said sustainability was important to them. Additionally, over 75% of surveyors indicated that they want to make a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint when traveling within the next year.

"People are very interested in sustainable travel, and they say they want to look for sustainable travel. And we're making it easier because one of the problems in the past has been somebody says, 'Look, I want to travel sustainably, but I don't know what to do and how to do it," says Glen Fogel, CEO of Booking Holdings. 

The effects of climate change have been playing a huge role in increasing awareness of environmental issues. Many surveyors noted that climate change is what influenced their decision to seek out eco-friendly travel options. Some individuals are even forgoing flights due to the impact on the climate. 

"There's definitely an issue with the airline industry and how are they going to become more sustainable. As you know, they do use fuels now that are better for the environment than the old jet fuel, but there's a relatively small amount of that available right now." Fogel said.

One of Booking Holding's sites, Kayak has created an incredible feature that now allows users to sort flights by emissions. The main idea is that it provides information about the environmental impact of flights and so travelers are able to choose more sustainable options if they want to. 

On top of that, Booking Holdings is now working with suppliers in the travel industry to find even more ways of improving their sustainability.