Business travel is moving uphill, but more individuals are seeking out ways to travel sustainably, specifically in the US, where interstate travel is frequent and carried out by air. 

A survey conducted by SAP Concur gathered the responses of over 100 managers in the US, and 76% reported that changes have already been made to their companies' travel guidelines and policies. 

Additionally, SAP conducted a second survey, revealing the answers of 1,000 business travelers, and 89% said sustainability ranks highly on their organizations' agendas, so much so that it's become a critical part of their pre-approval processes. 

SAP Concur has partnered with Thrust Carbon, a developer of technology that creates sustainable initiatives, and will be allowing users to implement sustainable measures through the input from Thrust Carbon, and clients will have the ability to utilize platforms to assess the emissions of their travel and make necessary adjustments.

"This integration enables companies to effortlessly track and manage their global travel emissions with customizable reports and data visualizations," says founder and director of Thrust Carbon, Mark Corbett.