Sono Motors is an innovative company that has built something that all environmentalists can appreciate. An EV that creates flexibility through the usage of solar PV technology for charging.

Their most spacious vehicle, The Sion, is a triumph in solar-powered technology as it provides its drivers with the ability to charge their vehicles directly on the go.

Currently, The Sion travels 305 kilometers on a single charge, but the solar portion is capable of adding an additional 112km, which achieves an additional 245 km on average per week. 

The way this process works is that it captures solar energy through cells that are integrated into the body of the vehicle and then converts that energy into a usable charge. 

While the solar integration only partially charges vehicles and isn't yet capable of fully powering them, the system itself is an incredible and pivotol step in renewable energy in the motoring industry. 

All in all, Sono Motors is 100% committed to reducing emissions and fuel consumption for their drivers.