Cathay Pacific, a Hong Kong airline, has released its sustainability report for 2021, and while they have experienced a major slump in flights due to Covid, CEO of Cathay, Augustus Tang, is hopeful that Cathay will not only be increasing its uptake of passengers now but the entire experience will be more sustainable than ever before. 

"With our people pressing on with the delivery of service excellence to our customers and communities, I am confident that we will move beyond our current challenges and thrive in the years to come. I want to thank all our people for their dedication and commitment during a period of major disruption. Together we will continue to connect Hong Kong to the world in sustainable ways as recovery accelerates." - Augustus Tang

The report highlighted many achievements of the organization in 2021, and currently, they're looking to implement sustainable aviation fuel and reduce plastic, as well as other waste items.

"I am pleased to share our 2021 Sustainable Development Report, it outlines the initiatives that we continue to take to protect the planet and our people, including the support we have given our communities during this global health crisis. It also sets out specific progress on achieving carbon neutrality and other priority sustainability issues," says Tang. 

Currently, Cathay set a goal of 10% SAF in-flight operations by 2030; additionally, there's also an agreement between Cathay and oneworld airlines— including British Airways, Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, for the purchase of 350 million gallons SAF.