Flamingo Estate

Flamingo Estate is a California brand that works with over 75 different farms to create their line of body care, pantry items, home fragrances, and other fresh products. Recently, they had a new collection released called Garden Essentials. Everything you order arrives in sustainable packaging that is all-aluminum packaging and they include recyclable pumps. 

"We considered non-petroleum plastic and post-consumer plastic, but even in its various disguises, it's still plastic. Ultimately, we grew passionate about aluminum packaging for bath and body products," says Flamingo Estate founder Richard Christiansen. 

Common Heir

Common Heir is a plastic-free clean skincare brand that delivers its products in biodegradable, vegan capsules housed in recyclable paper containers.

CEO Cary Lin says, "We recently partnered with Bluebird, and we found that we generate 35% fewer carbon emissions compared to the typical serum."


Uni launched in early 2022, and they're a closed-loop system for body and hair care, featuring 100% recycled aluminum bottles and a "forever dispenser" that was designed by Marc Atlan. When you finish your bottle, you can easily ship the aluminum bottle back to Uni for a free replacement. 

"Our goal has always been zero waste, so it is important that the bottles that don't get returned are recycled. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable. Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today. Only 9% of plastics ever produced have been recycled," said founder Alexandra Keating.