10 Meal Kit Services That Stand Out

Meal kit services have dramatically risen in popularity in recent years, with more and more services popping up to meet rising demand and niche voids in the market. Many meal kits strive to provide healthy meals to suit the needs of as many customers as possible, but few really set themselves apart. Here are just a few meal kits that stand out!


Home Chef

One of the defining characteristics of Home Chef is just how easy and accessible they make cooking to beginners. While many meal kits simply send their recipients pre-cooked meals, Home Chef guides you from cookware all the way up to serving your completed meal.



This meal kit service is the best option for those who enjoy freshly cooked meals, but don’t want to waste time doing the menial tasks necessary to prep the ingredients. With Gobble, recipients get pre peeled, cut, and prepared ingredients to make their meal.



Most meal kits are less expensive than a visit to a restaurant, but more expensive than a trip to the grocery store to get the ingredients yourself. This is where EveryPlate comes in. As one of the most affordable meal kit services, they strive to make meal kits accessible to everyone.



Although this meal kit service goes far beyond the Asian roots of its name, they hold true to their vision of flavorful and delicious, yet healthy, meals from across the globe.



Unlike many other meal kits, ButcherBox specializes in meat based foods. They offer recipients prime cuts of ethically raised and butchered meats.


Snap Kitchen

For those who prefer low prep meals, Snap Kitchen offers their customers healthy meals with just a few simple steps to prepare. They partner with professionals in the health industry to ensure their meals satisfy all your nutritional needs, without surpassing your healthy limits.


Territory Foods

As the name suggests, Territory Foods work with local chefs, farmers, and suppliers in your area to create your fully prepared meals. Despite operating over many states, Territory Foods go out of their way to ensure your food is as local as possible.


Home Bistro

Although many meal kit services advertise world-class chefs, Home Bistro goes a step further by allowing you to select meals created by famous celebrity chefs, such as chefs from popular television shows or restaurants.


Fresh Meal Plan

This is perhaps one of the best meal kits for those looking for flexibility and getting the best bang for your buck. They have a selection of meals for most diets, and each meal is very affordable.



A newer, health based meal kit. Factor allows recipients to get a wide range of healthy meals that require no cooking, with an additional perk being their wide drink selection.

Key Takeaways

  • In order to succeed as a new meal kit service, standing out is essential. 
  • Many meal kit services fit into their own niche, securing their business. 
  • Despite the competition, the meal kit sector is booming and projected to grow.