3 Farmers You Should Look Into If You’re Interested in Raw Dairy

With increasing pollution, contributions to the carbon footprint, and questions about animal welfare, the dairy industry has been put under scrutiny. Farmers have even started to step up and begin producing and selling products that are better for our planet.

Raw dairy has been a particularly fascinating topic of conversation over the last few years. With raw dairy products claiming to benefit both us and our environment, some farmers have started to turn towards them. So which farms can ship raw dairy products to your front door? Read on to find out more.

What Is Raw Dairy?

These days, health is a big topic on everyone’s lips, making the demand for healthy yet sustainable products rise. Raw dairy products such as milk have not been homogenized or pasteurized. Natural products are said to have significant health advantages and superior nutrition over pasteurized alternatives. For example, raw milk has great bioavailable nutrients, a more comprehensive range of beneficial enzymes, and more probiotics than pasteurized milk.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on some raw dairy products, here are a few farmers you can look into that ship. 


Dutch Meadows Farm, Lancaster Country

This farm collaborates with a group of sustainable family farms where farming is practiced with nature. It avoids the harmful use of chemicals, pesticides, and any other artificial growth hormones. At this farm, pastured livestock is treated with respect, generating the production of nutrient-rich, organic, and raw foods. The company is able to supply a range of consciously made foods locally from a collective of small farms, which are then picked, packed, and delivered right to your doorstep.

Raw Farm, California

Raw Farm produces high-quality raw products which aim to enhance customer health while simultaneously sustaining the environment, farm animals, employees, and shareholders. Some of this farm’s products are even available nationwide, including their raw whole milk and raw whole goat milk.

The Family Cow, Pennsylvania

The Family Cow produces a wide range of dairy products, including raw cow milk, milk, cream, yogurt, butter, goat milk, and more. One impressive thing about this farm is that it provides complete transparency of what you are consuming. 

With no misleading label claims, poor animal treatment, or imported grain fraud, The Family Cow provides high-standard products which are all soy-free, GMO-free, chemical-free, and truly pastured! The farm promises a range of guarantees concerning food integrity, including the features mentioned above, sugar-free meat, artificial hormone-free, and humanely raised goods that can be delivered to your home.

What Can Other Farms Learn From These Three Examples?

It’s clear that businesses that take a sustainable approach can strengthen their brand’s value. By doing what you can to aid our environment, you can portray your brand as an active figure of eco-awareness.

Secondly, farms can learn to boost their business to success by engaging in kinder products. Since many customers have started to avoid companies that are harmful to our environment, natural farms may be able to attract a broad range of consumers by offering a great alternative.

Thirdly, farms can generate more profits by shipping and delivering goods directly to customers. Many customers have started to purchase all their items online, making additional services necessary to reach a broader consumer base. With these takeaways, you can potentially enhance your business success today.