5 Apps to Help You Live a More Sustainable Life

As time passes, individuals are becoming more conscious about how their lifestyle decisions affect our environment. We are aiming to consume fewer products, reduce pollution, and utilize less energy – but it isn’t always so simple.

This journey towards sustainability can be challenging, but the good news is that there are some exceptional apps out there that can help you out. Check below to discover five applications that can assist you in your journey towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.



Oroeco is an app that intends to assist people with learning about the effect they have on climate change. With this application, individuals can estimate their specific carbon footprint based on lifestyle choices, helping them evaluate their overall climate effect. From this knowledge, individuals can consider their daily habits and use handy tips and tricks from the app to start improving.



This app helps you become aware of the extent to which your food impacts climate change. GreenChoice enables individuals to set shopping values and dietary choices amongst other parameters, allowing you to get suggestions for eco-friendly options. People using this app can compare and contrast different food products across different shops and construct shopping lists for ultimate convenience.



HappyCow can help you change your dietary requirements, transforming you from a meat-eater into a vegetarian or vegan. Since cutting meat and dairy from your diet will extensively chop down your carbon footprint, this is a great app to invest in. This application assists you in finding vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurants across the globe.



PaperKarma helps you reduce the junk mail waste you receive every single day. Individuals can utilize the app to take a picture of the junk mail they don’t want to receive to take themselves off the business’ mailing list for good.



This app from Earth911 helps individuals find the nearest available recycling places for particular items. It covers over 350 materials and can allow people to use more than one and a half million ways to recycle. All you must do is enter your location to find a list of available recycling facilities for each specific material you want to recycle. The app also provides information, including the business phone number, website, and directions.


Key Takeaways

  • What’s crucial to note here is that sustainability must be taken more seriously. Since so many apps are getting involved in promoting sustainable lifestyles, it’s evident that change needs to happen across the globe.
  • Secondly, companies or individuals who decide to generate these types of apps may be able to benefit from them substantially. As more individuals become invested in living a better lifestyle, they are seeking resources to help them on their journey – making apps more and more popular.
  • Finally, it’s obvious that any individual can make a difference to our planet. By choosing to download a sustainable app and following its practices, there’s no reason why you can’t change our world for the better!