Revamping Fashion: 5 Brands Leading The Upcycling Movement

Upcycled fashion is becoming more and more common in an age where consumers are starting to care about their impact on the environment. Also known as repurposing or recycling clothing, this method involves transforming old or damaged materials into new usable clothing pieces.

The modern fashion industry has started to celebrate upcycled clothing due to its environmental benefits. Upcycling is different from recycling - this method utilizes whole pieces of existing clothing to generate a new garment, while recycled materials have to be broken down before being reused. So what brands are reworking old, worn-out clothes into beautiful new creations? Read on to find out!

Zero Waste Daniel

New York designer Daniel Silverstein founded this brand. It operates to construct garments from 100% scrap material. This company offers unique patchwork designs and simple basics, thus catering to anybody's needs.


This business is renowned for utilizing recycled plastic to create a range of outdoor clothing, including jackets, shorts, and fleeces. It additionally has its own recycling scheme, meaning that customers can send a piece of irreparable Patagonia garment back to a store for it to be recycled and reused.

Beyond Retro

This vintage retailer allows buyers to explore thousands of pieces, although just one piece makes it to the shop floor. The rest of the pieces are upcycled, meaning many secondhand items are created in the process.


This sustainable brand enables women to express themselves through unique pieces which are constructed from high-quality deadstock fabrics.


RubyMoon's sustainable gym and swimwear items are created from waste found in our oceans, including plastic bottles and fishing nets. By transforming pollution into garments, this company works to reduce its carbon footprint and strive toward a circular economy. It also hosts a take-back scheme, thus putting even more materials back into use!

Key Takeaways
  • There are many environmental advantages to wearing upcycled garments. These clothes use up fewer raw materials, thus decreasing the harmful effects of fashion production.
  • Next, brands may be able to vastly benefit from selling such garments. Consumers are increasingly looking for items that are kinder to our planet than traditional fast fashion pieces, meaning they are likelier to turn to sustainable brands for better alternatives.
  • All in all, any individual customer has the power to make a difference. By choosing the right approach to buying new clothing pieces, shoppers can start reducing their carbon footprint today!