5 Cedar Products That You Can Use To Be A Little Bit More Sustainable

Cedar is one of the most sustainable woods on the market. Boasting desirable qualities such as durability, insect deterrence, rot resistance, and a pleasant smell, cedar is popular on its own merit aside from its sustainable features. However, its sustainability is undoubted, being naturally abundant and easily grown in the wild with minimal interference.

There are many products available today that are made from sustainably sourced cedar wood grown in managed forests, making this material a great alternative for those seeking to make their home just a little more sustainable. Here are a few cedar wood products you can look into.

Art and Home Décor 

This may not seem like the most obvious choice for those interested in creating a more sustainable environment, but it's likely that you already have home décor that may be created from more unsustainable materials. There are many artists and companies creating great pieces that may just suit your style. The next time you’re looking for an art piece to decorate your space, consider sustainable artists that use cedarwood to create beautiful sculptures, ornaments, and more.

Building Materials

Of course, considering the sustainability and longevity of cedarwood, using this material to build your home or other adjacent structures would make your home more than just a little sustainable. However, if this sort of project isn’t within reach right now, consider using cedar in your smaller home renovation projects. For example, if you’re replacing your decking, building a garden shed, or even just looking into a nice hardwood door, consider sustainable cedarwood.

Planters and Pots 

If you’re the gardening type, you know how much trouble it is to find the perfect pot or planter. You want to protect your plants as much as possible, but you also want something that will fit nicely into your space too. On top of being a beautiful material that simultaneously wards off rot and insect pests, your green thumb can rest easier knowing your pots are sustainable. Cedar lumber also makes it easier to use this great material to make your own custom planters or plant boxes.

a stool made out of cedar with a plant

As with all wood, perhaps the most popular use for cedar is furniture such as chairs, desks, dressers, closets, and more. Furniture made from cedar is lauded for its durability and resistance to bug infestations like termites, as well as the usual rot and decay that occurs with other wood furniture when left outside. Cedarwood is also lightweight and easy to move around, making it perfect for mobile patio or living room furniture.

Pencils and Stationary 

Another popular use for cedar wood is in art supplies and other stationery products. This includes stationery such as pencils, pencil boxes, pens, notebooks, desk organizers, and more, which can be made with cedarwood or cedar pulp. These items are usually in constant use, eventually losing their function and being either thrown out or recycled, which makes a great case for why they should be made with sustainable materials in the first place.

Comfortable chair with wooden stool next to it