5 Companies Using Sustainable Packaging to Make a Lasting Impact on Consumers

You may be aware of the harmful impact of plastic packaging on our environment. This idea has caused many consumers to boycott businesses that harm our ecosystem, opting for more sustainable alternatives instead. So with that being said, here are 5 companies stepping up to make a difference by utilizing sustainable packaging.


Coca-Cola utilizes sustainable packaging, whilst its marketing has also helped encourage consumers to recycle it. This was demonstrated by the launch of a campaign named ‘round in circles’, which reminded people of the recyclability of Coca-Cola bottles. This campaign focused on transport hubs and utilized circular artwork to show this business’ commitment to helping work towards a circular economy.

Nature Valley

Nature Valley is another company that has modified its packaging, welcoming a plastic film wrapper for the popular granola bar product. The film wrapper manufacturing process includes developed film processing with polyethylene polymers, making this material recyclable. Furthermore, cartons and wrappers produced by this brand have also been marketed with recycling instructions on each label. These instructions help customers who are unsure of what to recycle, dispose of Nature Valley packaging in the right way.


This company uses innovative pulp bottle technology, with bottles being constructed of – you guessed it – pulp! This is an entirely renewable packaging innovation, generating more environmental awareness and reducing plastic usage.

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Corona Beer

Corona beer utilizes a procedure that makes barley straw into paper fibers, ideal for the company’s six-pack product. In the process, fewer harsh chemicals, less water, and less energy are wasted than traditional methods. This sustainable packaging is still incredibly durable and decreases the necessity to obtain virgin timber in order to generate cardboard for packaging.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is notorious for its sustainable packaging, using 40% less plastic in their ice cream tubs and making them more recyclable, with helpful recycling instructions printed on the tubs’ sides. The plastic used in this packaging comes from a renewable, sugar cane plant source – BIO PE. The company has also switched out harmful plastic packaging for paper snack bags and wooden sticks, epitomizing that they are a business making colossal changes to help our planet.

What Can Other Companies Learn From These Sustainable Examples?

Firstly, companies can significantly decrease their environmental harm by switching plastic materials for sustainable materials. This can help our planet thrive in the long run!

Secondly, businesses can boost themselves to success by using packaging which doesn’t harm our ecosystem, since this will increase its appeal. After all, customers love hunting for products and packaging which are kinder to our planet. 

Finally, companies can quickly generate more recycling by incorporating clear instructions on the product labels. This can guide consumers in putting sustainable packaging back into the circular economy even after using your product!

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