5 Companies With Positive Environmental Initiatives

Many companies are rushing to undertake more sustainable initiatives to attract and retain environmentally conscious customers, as well as fulfill their own sustainability goals and obligations.

However, few organizations make an earnest effort to achieve true sustainability. Most companies are not willing to make the adjustments and sacrifices necessary to enact real change. This is why highlighting businesses that do take these measures is so important. Here are five companies with positive environmental initiatives.


Many everyday objects are made out of plastics and other unsustainable materials because of their durability; however, this is not always necessary. Pela produces sustainable phone cases for many of the latest smartphones on the market. Despite being protective and durable, Pela phone cases are also sustainable as they are completely compostable. In addition to their sustainable products, Pela has also offset their carbon footprint and are now Climate Neutral Certified.


Burt’s Bees

A popular personal care product company based in the United States, Burt’s Bees offers customers eco-friendly care products to meet various needs. Many of their products also boast natural ingredients with little synthetic chemicals and processing. Burt’s Bees has made strong commitments to environmental conservation. For example, their zero-waste initiative sought to ensure none of their waste ended up in landfills. This was achieved through recycling, composting, and other more environmentally friendly options. Burt’s Bees has also reduced their resource consumption in utilities, such as electricity and water, through more efficient management and equipment.


Ford Motor Company

This automobile company based in the United States has consistently sought to reduce their environmental impact through various initiatives. In their most ambitious program, Ford launched a ten-part initiative meant to guide their environmental policy. Through this program, they made important changes to the materials they use and their manufacturing processes that has dramatically reduced their environmental impact. About 80% of two of their automobiles are recyclable, while all their automobiles excel in fuel efficiency and other sustainable aspects. Many Ford factories also feature geothermal cooling systems.



Commonly referred to as HP, the Hewlett-Packard Company has been among the first companies to enact positive environmental initiatives. In addition to their thorough recycling program, they have also been transparent about their operations and environmental impact. HP has consistently reported their greenhouse gas emissions, which they have set gradual goals to reduce. Additionally, HP has sought to reduce their usage of toxic substances in their manufacturing processes and products, such as by redesigning their ink cartridges.



IKEA, a furniture, appliance, and home accessory store, has branches in over sixty countries around the world. Based in the Netherlands, IKEA has enacted many positive environmental initiatives throughout its years of operations. Seeking to rise to the challenges of unsustainable consumption and climate change, IKEA has stated it is committed to developing products and services that empower people to make more sustainable lifestyle choices and live in a more circular way. This is not only prevalent in their designs, as they also make operational changes to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and other unsustainable practices.