5 Free Self-Care Ideas That Don’t Involve Buying Anything

The topic of self-care stays in everybody daily conversations — and for a good reason too. After all, it’s evident that self-care is one of the top ways to boost both your mental and physical health, allowing you to flourish as a happy and healthy person. It’s time to recharge, take a break, and care for your wellbeing— and it won’t cost you any money!



Invest in quality time to sit and enjoy one of the books that have been gathering dust on your shelves. Reading can allow you to delve into another world, keep your brain stimulated, and celebrate that much-needed ‘me’ time.


Embrace Nature

It’s time to get out and embrace the fresh air and sunlight awaiting you outside! It’s incredible what a simple walk in the park can do for you, with feelings of peace, calm, and hope associated with nature hiking trails.



Meditation may be an obvious self-care tip, but it really is effective at enhancing your mental clarity. It may seem a little silly or overwhelming if you’ve not tried this practice before. However, it might be worth setting aside even just a few minutes to sit comfortably, close your eyes, and count your breaths. Allow your thoughts to travel through you and gain a clear mind.


Cook A Good Meal

Since self-care embraces nutrition, a simple act you can take is to home-cook a tasty meal that can nourish your body. In turn, this food can also nourish your mind. It’s time to enjoy the cooking process and reflect on what you are injecting into your meal and body.


Get Moving

Doing a little exercise is a simple tip, but it certainly does the trick. You don’t have to be the next top runner to get stuck into this practice - simply try a beginner home workout on YouTube or check out what Instagram Live has to offer. You might even find yourself having fun when you get your endorphins pumping.

Cooking pan

There are loads of things you can take from these self-care tips, including the fact that there are so many different approaches you can take to look after yourself. If you don’t want to try one suggestion, there’s always another one to look into.These simple tricks are bound to leave your mind refreshed and your wallet full!