5 Inspiring Women Changing The World With Their Sustainability Businesses

Individuals are starting to change the way they think about our environment and how we should treat it. However, some people are taking things a step further by incorporating sustainability into their businesses.

Some women, in particular, have stood out for their outstanding contributions to sustainability – the examples we’ve selected below provide actions that anyone can learn from. If we all followed in the footsteps of environmental role models, we could raise significant positive impacts on our environment.

Read on to get inspired by five incredible businesswomen approaching business differently in the 21st century.

Tamra Ryan

Tamra Ryan is the Women’s Bean Project’s CEO, helping the organization hire unemployed women and assisting them in their journey toward self-sufficiency through the production of nutritional goods. This incredible businesswoman has generated a way to aid countless vulnerable women and their families so far via the creation of a nationally recognized enterprise.

Rachel Hugh

Rachel Hugh took the plunge in changing how people now perceive fast food through her creation of Vurger Co. in 2016. By shifting towards a complete acceptance of veganism, Hugh is revolutionizing what we choose to eat when we go out for dinner. The menu on offer here incorporates plant-based products such as burgers, shakes, fries, and salads, ensuring that no resources end up in landfill sites

Susan McPherson

Susan McPherson is McPherson Strategies’ founder and CEO. This inspiration has collaborated with women entrepreneurs when visiting Afghanistan, helping enhance their positions within the global business field. McPherson Strategies places particular emphasis on social impact and assisting organizations in creating efficient communication frameworks. Throughout all of this, McPherson has inspired meaningful action across the globe.

Lynn Jurich

Lynn Jurich is the proud founder of SunRun, working to encourage renewable energy usage. Recognizing that solar energy doesn’t emit greenhouse gases as fossil fuels do, Jurich strives to reduce our overall carbon footprint through tailored services and plans that are making their mark on the energy industry.

Amelia Gammon

Founder of Bide, this inspirational woman focuses on decreasing everyday waste by creating a zero-waste, plastic-free cleaning brand. Her company collaborates with employment organizations to help disadvantaged individuals get back on their feet.

Key Takeaways
  • First, it’s apparent that anyone has the power to make a sustainable difference in this world. As you can see from the examples of women above, if you are dedicated to your cause, you can bring about change!
  • Secondly, the impact of businesses across the world should never be underestimated. Businesses touch on countless industries, meaning they can have a significant effect on our environment.
  • Thus, by taking a sustainable approach, companies may be able to benefit from the increasing scale of eco-conscious consumers. As more and more individuals recognize the importance of sustainability, they are likelier to turn to brands that align with strong environmental values.