Green Queens: Female Entrepreneurs At The Forefront Of Climate Innovation

As we celebrate Women's History Month, it's important to recognize the remarkable contributions of female entrepreneurs who are pioneering climate solutions and driving positive change in sustainability. From renewable energy to sustainable agriculture, these visionary leaders are reshaping gender roles and their respective industries while inspiring a more resilient and sustainable future for our planet.


Anastasia Volkova: Transforming Agriculture with Regrow Ag

Volkova is the founder and CEO of Regrow Ag, a company that utilizes satellite data and machine learning to optimize agricultural practices for sustainability and efficiency. By providing farmers with data-driven insights, Regrow Ag helps reduce water usage, improve soil health, and minimize environmental impact, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient food system.


Tegan Nock: Revolutionizing Soil Health with Loam Bio

Nock is the co-founder and CEO of Loam Bio, a biotechnology company focused on developing microbial solutions to improve soil health and enhance crop productivity. Through innovative microbial products, Loam Bio aims to promote regenerative agriculture practices, reduce reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and mitigate the impacts of climate change on agriculture.


Etosha Cave: Advancing Carbon Capture with Twelve

Cave is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Twelve, a startup that is developing novel materials for carbon capture and storage. Through innovative materials science and engineering, Twelve aims to capture and sequester carbon dioxide from industrial processes, helping to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.

The first pair of sunglasses made by captured CO2. Collaboration with Twelve x Pangaia.

Miranda Wang: Closing the Loop on Plastic Waste with Novoloop

Wang is the co-founder and CEO of Novoloop, a startup that is developing advanced recycling technologies to upcycle plastic waste into high-value materials. Through chemical recycling processes, Novoloop aims to convert plastic waste into valuable feedstocks for the production of new materials, reducing reliance on virgin plastics and minimizing environmental pollution from plastic waste.


Kate Orff: Designing Resilient Landscapes with SCAPE

Orff is the founder and principal architect of SCAPE, a landscape architecture and urban design firm that integrates ecology, infrastructure, and community engagement to create resilient and sustainable landscapes. Through infrastructure projects like the Living Breakwaters in New York and sustainable green spaces in the Midwest, SCAPE aims to address climate change impacts like sea-level rise and storm surge, while also enhancing biodiversity, improving water quality, and promoting social resilience in coastal communities.

Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center, Brooklyn, NY (source)

Alexia Akbay: Harnessing Seaweed for Sustainable Agriculture with Symbrosia

Akbay is the co-founder and CEO of Symbrosia, a startup that is harnessing the power of seaweed to reduce methane emissions from livestock and improve soil health in agriculture. By feeding seaweed to livestock, Symbrosia aims to reduce methane emissions from enteric fermentation, a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture sector, while also providing a sustainable and nutritious feed supplement for animals.

Alexia Akbay, co-founder of Symbrosia.

These visionary environmental entrepreneurs exemplify the power of women in driving climate solutions and shaping a more sustainable future for our planet. Through their leadership, innovation, and commitment to positive change, they are inspiring hope and driving progress towards a more resilient and equitable world for generations to come. 

Tile image featuring Alexia Akbay, co-founder of Symbrosia