These Organizations Are Fighting Climate Change Through Forest Conservation

Forests play a pivotal role in maintaining ecological balance and supporting global biodiversity. Siphoning carbon dioxide out of our atmosphere and replacing it with fresh oxygen, life simply wouldn’t be possible without these critical ecosystems.

Despite our reliance on the trees, the threat of deforestation looms large—be it for logging, development, livestock or agricultural purposes. In response to this age-old challenge, a cadre of dedicated organizations has sprouted, each pioneering their own innovative approach toward forest conservation and ensuring that the lungs of our planet continue to thrive.


Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance works at the intersection of business, agriculture, and forests, emphasizing sustainable business practices. Through partnerships with businesses, farmers, and forest communities, it promotes responsible land use, protecting biodiversity while ensuring the well-being of local populations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The Alliance also operates a renowned labeling program, allowing consumers to easily identify products that meet rigorous environmental and social standards, fostering a global market that values and supports sustainable practices.


Forests of the Sea

Perhaps not the first thing to come to mind when you think of forest conservation, Forests of the Sea aims to protect and restore kelp forests around the world through science, storytelling, and policy change. Operating primarily in coastal regions such as the Pacific Northwest, Southern Australia, and the North Atlantic, the organization plays a crucial role in preserving the biodiversity of our ocean ecosystems.


Forest Stewardship Council

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) sets the gold standard for responsible forestry management practices. Through certification and labeling programs, it ensures that wood and paper products come from sustainably managed forests, promoting environmental and social responsibility.



Harnessing technology to revolutionize carbon offsetting, Pachama specializes in using satellite imaging and machine learning to verify and monitor reforestation projects. Built in the heart of South America and attracting prominent climate investors from around the world, the organization's innovative approach not only addresses climate change but also empowers local communities and promotes sustainable forestry practices.


Trees for the Future

Taking a unique approach to forest conservation by promoting agroforestry—a sustainable land-use system that integrates tree planting with agricultural practices—TREES confronts hunger, poverty, and environmental degradation at their roots by working with farmers and their families. By providing training and resources to communities in Sub-Saharan Africa, the organization not only contributes to reforestation but also enhances food security, improves livelihoods, and fosters a symbiotic relationship between communities and their surrounding forests.

Tanzania Farmer Pili (Source: Trees for the Future)

By contributing to the collective efforts of these trailblazing organizations, you’re a steward of our planet's lungs—helping to safeguard forests and their biodiversity for a more resilient and sustainable future.