5 Must-See Climate Change Documentaries

Are you looking for your next source of inspiration concerning our planet? It might be time to watch a climate change documentary. Here arefive top must-see, timeless climate change documentaries to pop on your netflix or hulu.


An Inconvenient Truth

This documentary, released in 2006, is an award-winning piece of media documenting ex-US Vice President Al Gore’s statement about our climate crisis. This piece of art emphasizes how human activity contributes to large amounts of global greenhouse gas emissions and addresses the scientific facts behind this issue.


Before The Flood

National Geographic’s Before The Flood features Leonardo DiCaprio as he journeys around our world, exploring five continents and seeing the critical regions impacted by the climate crisis. A host of world experts and leaders are interviewed, including big names like Pope Francis and Barack Obama, as well as a range of ecologists and climatologists.



RiverBlue focuses on the devastating impact of fast fashion around the globe, particularly on rivers. Canadian river conservationist Mark Angelo explores the effect of fast fashion production on our rivers as he travels across the world. Our attention is drawn to garment factory hotspots, including those in Zambia, China, and Bangladesh, to name a few. From this, we gain a broader perspective on pollution and local communities.

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

This documentary discusses animal farming. Since animal agriculture is a colossal contributor to climate change, this media digs into how meat-based diets really impact our planet, as well as the effects of cows and other livestock on global warming. This industry also contributes to land pollution, water pollution, deforestation, and greenhouse gases. The film concludes that opting for a plant-based diet is best for our environment.


Our Planet

Netflix’s Our Planet is constructed of eight separate parts, coming together as one mini-series. David Attenborough talks through details about biodiversity, animal habitats, and the impact that humans have on wildlife populations. The documentary particularly focuses on how rising temperatures and sea levels affect our planet’s animals.

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