5 Organizations Giving Access To Clean Water, Resources, And Change

Access to food, water, shelter, and education are essential pillars of a healthy life that many of us take for granted. For millions of people across the globe, these necessities are scarce. These organizations are working to end water, food, shelter, and educational disparities in communities of need.



Focused on water conservation and education for food production, Amanzi uses their funding for educational projects in minority communities. Most importantly, for women farmers. The organization’s mission is to pass on the importance of healthy food and resource protection in areas around the world that would likely not have access to such information otherwise. 

In areas at high risk for damage and resource depletion from climate change, Amanzi shares climate-smart solutions, like rainwater catchment, food preservation techniques, and more.


Save the Children

Founded in 1919 in the midst of World War I, Save the Children began with the goal of reducing childhood suffering across Europe. Today, more than 100 years after its creation, Save the Children has expanded; now servicing The United States, and other countries across the world.

The organization dedicates itself to climate justice, childhood hunger and poverty, and public health education. To date, Save the Children has serviced 120 countries, and has helped more than 185 million children suffering from the impacts of climate change, food scarcity, resource depletion, and lack of education.


Action Against Hunger

For over 40 years, Action Against Hunger has created programs and initiatives to prevent disease and deficiencies through access to clean water and proper nutrition. The non-profit organization travels to some of the hardest to reach communities, where donor and private funding allows them to build latrines and distribute hygiene kits.Where water is currently available but is unsafe to drink, Action Against Hunger installs water filtration systems free of cost. Each year, the organization is estimated to provide food supplies and safe drinking water to 28 million people.


Charity: Water

More than 700 million people across the globe lack access to safe, clean drinking water. Charity: Water, founded in 2006, is working to end water disparity. The organization uses 100% of donations to fund projects that supply underserved communities with running water and sanitation systems.To date, the charity has funded over 130,000 projects across 29 countries. What sets Charity: Water apart is the organization’s transparency; appreciated both by private and public donors. On their website, a map can be found with GPS tagged locations around the world featuring each of their ongoing and completed projects.


Habitat for Humanity

Founded in 1976, Habitat for Humanity assists communities in need with living condition improvements and new structural builds. The organization operates in 70 countries, and lobbies politically to help remove barriers many low-income communities face when trying to obtain a home. Since it was founded, Habitat for Humanity has helped improve living conditions and shelter more than 46 million people.