5 Unique Places To Shop For Second-Hand Clothes Online

Second-hand clothes have started to become something of a trend. With the fast fashion industry being brought under scrutiny by environmental enthusiasts, people have now begun to see the benefit of indulging in second-hand buys rather than brand-new garments.

However, since consumers have also started to purchase their clothing digitally, they often struggle to source second-hand goods amongst the dominance of big online retailers. Despite this, the good thing is that there are many spaces online where you can purchase second hand clothing in this modern age. Here are 5 unusual places to shop for clothing, that you may not have thought of!



eBay is likely the most obvious online store that makes our list today. You’re probably familiar with what eBay does, even if you haven’t used it before. This global company can hold many hidden online gems regarding second-hand clothing. With such a vast number of users, there’s bound to be a piece of clothing you want!

Just bear in mind that product quality and photography can vary depending on the seller you decide to cooperate with. Despite this, eBay offers some fantastic bargains for fantastic second-hand items if you look hard enough. This is particularly true if you’re dedicated to keeping track of auction times!



On Depop, you can search for your favorite brands and clothing items you may need to discover hidden "pre-loved" treasures. Unlike with bids on eBay, you can immediately buy something you are drawn to on Depop. The helpful, fixed costs enable users to know how much a product is, making it easy for every user to budget. Whilst you are probably likelier to get a bargain through eBay’s bid format, you can still get some great steals on Depop.


Vestiaire Collective

This online store resells designer and luxury fashion goods for all men, women, and children! Each product for sale on this website must undertake a thorough authentication before being sent to each consumer. This means that everyone using this site can purchase cheap designer garments with the utmost confidence. Furthermore, the site makes it easy to browse — whether by clothing type, brand, price, or color — you can tailor everything to your individual needs!


Oxfam Online Shop

Whilst also having in-store experiences, Oxfam operates online to offer various collections of women’s, men’s, and children’s garments. Through providing products, including designer brands, Oxfam allows you to help out a good cause. 



Thrift+ is an online charity shop platform where sellers are encouraged to resell their second-hand garments. A percentage of the proceeds are donated to a good cause, which you get to choose yourself.


Used clothing and goods can always find a second-life. Before you jump into making a new purchase, it's always worth taking a look at what's already broken in. You may even find that the quality of older, used goods is sometimes higher than those made by fast-fashion giants like Shein, Amazon, or Asos!