5 Sustainable Cosmetic Brands with successful marketing

Many cosmetic companies are marketing themselves as "green" and sustainable, but some of the most successful brands in this industry have found success by going back to basics. They focus on ingredients that meet people's needs for things like oil-free foundations or organic lipsticks while creating minimalist packaging with post-consumer materials - all without compromising their quality standards. 

Here are 5 top sustainable cosmetic brands that tapped into that marketing magic to target eco-conscience consumers: 

Izzy Zero Waste Mascara

Izzy's launched mascara is the world's first zero-waste product, and it will change your life. The medical-grade steel tube lasts forever; you can reuse it anytime with a refillable formula that releases no harmful chemicals into our environment!

Touting itself as "the world's first zero-waste mascara," Izzy's new launch promises always to be reusable thanks to its stainless-steel design. This process solves one of many issues in today's society - how do we make sure products are sustainable? When people think about sustainability, they worry about whether or not their actions contribute to environmental degradation. Still, this innovative take on beauty packaging ensures an environmentally friendly experience for everyone who buys this makeup line.


Circumference Skincare is a line of potent botanical formulas engineered for your skin's lasting health and vitality. Their products focus on sourcing quality ingredients in ways that support individual well-being and protect social, economic, and environmental health for all of us.

Their infamous Daily Regenerative Gel Cleanser's main bioactive ingredient is Olive leaf extract. Circumference utilizes the olive leaves that would have otherwise been biowaste to extract potent actives carefully, then returns the mulch to the farm to be used as compost for a circular production system.

Mab & Stoke

Mab & Stoke is a sustainable wellness company with full-spectrum plant remedies transforming your positive goals into sweet successes. The Mab & Stoke Defense Face Oil is a revolutionary product that harnesses the power and beauty of natural ingredients. 

Mab and Stoke's team works alongside United Plant Savers to conserve medicinal plants which are harmful if they are not protected. They also take great care in making sure all packaging materials are either compostable or recyclable.  


EcoTools creates beauty and self-care products that are great quality, planet-friendly, and affordable. Their latest packaging innovation takes their commitment to clean beauty and a clean planet to the next level. EcoTools' new packaging contains 88% less plastic. 

The EcoTools Bioblender is a makeup blender made with biodegradable foam packaged in its 88% plastic reduction material. Their packaging saves up to 14 million plastic bags, or close to 6 million plastic water bottles.

Face Halo

Face Halo is a cosmetic company that provides a less wasteful alternative to makeup wipes. Wipes make up 93% of matter, causing global sewer and environmental issues. Face Halo prides itself on being the solution to help beauties pivot to makeup removal wipes that are effective for them and the environment. 

Face Halo's dual-sided, reusable rounds are the perfect complement to sensitive skin. As well as being pH neutral and compatible with your preferred cleanser, they won't irritate or inflame any existing breakouts—a rare find among most other facial cleaning products!


The question is, how do you get people to know about your brand?

Marketing plays a significant role here by introducing new consumers to their products and informing them what they're looking for when shopping online or retail. This has been key in driving growth within the sustainable beauty industry. Using purpose-driven marketing is critical for advocating brands actively developing an audience because it's not enough anymore just to provide a quality product. If you want more customers to buy from you, then make sure that your content speaks directly to their needs while being authentic at heart - this will be essential if we ever have any hope of reversing our planet's current climate crisis.