5 Tips for Eco Friendly Apartment Living

Looking at how you live is a good start if you want to become eco-friendlier. People living in apartments may find it harder to live sustainably. However, by reading the few suggestions below, you can start a successful journey towards helping our environment!


Taking on a few recycling practices is a good start. Get in touch with your council to discover where and what you are able to recycle. After finding out this knowledge, you can go on to prepare at home with bags or boxes to start separating your items.

In an ideal world, your food waste should be composted. However, this might be a bit overwhelming if you live in an apartment. If you are situated in a populous city or town, many have food waste and recycling services that you can sign up for!

Utilize Energy-Efficient Appliances

Enhancing the eco-friendliness of your house involves decreasing your energy consumption. You can do this by utilizing energy-efficiency appliances. Ensure you look out for the energy star ratings on your household items, including big devices like your washing machine, fridge, and dishwasher, and smaller devices like your toaster and kettle.


Energy is often wasted in poorly insulated constructions. However, you can reduce this wastage by investing in double-glazed windows and other clever insulation approaches. These include covering your windows with thick curtains, closing doors to unused rooms, and buying thick carpets. You could also purchase a programmable thermostat, which will turn the temperature down when you aren’t in the house and turn it up when you arrive back home.

Install LED Lighting

LED lights are so much more efficient than fluorescents and other traditional bulbs! They use little energy, last longer, are more durable, are cheaper, and are better for our environment. If you haven’t made the switch already, now is the time to do so.

Avoid Using The Dryer

Utilize a drying rack or clothesline instead of a dryer – they are much more environmentally friendly. Indeed, dryers are one of the most draining appliances in the household concerning energy usage.

Key Takeaways
  • Anyone can learn that changing your lifestyle choices has never been more critical – even if you live in an apartment. This article shows that no matter what type of building you live in, there is always a chance to make a better choice for our environment.
  • Secondly, businesspeople and marketers may be able to benefit from promoting eco-friendly living practices. Consumers are now looking for energy-star appliances and proper insulation for their homes – businesses could gain more success by selling these.
  • Finally, any individual can impact our planet positively or negatively. By buying the right equipment and keeping our environment in mind, anyone can strive towards a more sustainable world today!