5 Tips To Stop Impulse Buying

Impulse buying involves buying something you weren’t planning to. While it can be addictive, it can have severe implications on our environment when we consider the effects of consumerism. Read on to discover how you can kick this habit and start benefiting our planet today!


Wait A little Longer Before Purchasing

On our mobile phones, it’s way too easy to see something that catches our eye and buy it with just a couple of keyboard clicks. However, if you wait a day or so to allow the excitement to settle, you may find that you start to question whether you really need this product right now, whether you can afford it, and whether you’ll actually even use it. 


Don’t Join Too Many Email Lists

Even when you’re not shopping, it can be hard to avoid scanning the best deals when you are bombarded with sales and promotions in your email account. Taking the time to unsubscribe from these lists could save you a lot of money.


Make A budget—And Stick To It

Budgets can help you monitor your finances and help you restrain yourself from unnecessary spending. If you’ve not budgeted for a product, you shouldn’t have a reason to buy it.


Allow Yourself To Spend

While you should be sticking to a budget, it’s also good to add a little ‘fun’ money into the mix too. Reward yourself with a little wiggle room in the budget, allowing you to spend an allocated amount on fun spending. This amount will depend on your current situation, so just ensure that it is affordable and reasonable for your specific budget.


Keep Your Targets In Mind

It’s common sense that impulse buying does you no favors when it comes to achieving your financial targets. Whether you need to pay off a mortgage, invest in a house deposit, or get out of debt, overspending will consume any additional cash you are saving to put towards these aspiring goals. So, help yourself out by always remembering the targets you are working towards!


Any individual has the power to change our world. By minimizing your bad habits when it comes to spending, you can put less of a burden on our planet and start caring for it instead!