5 Ways To Make Your Office More Eco Friendly & Zero Waste

If you would like your office to start reducing its environmental impact, this is the article for you! After all, an eco-friendly workspace is a healthy place to thrive in, where workers are aware of their social responsibilities and can build their productivity from this.

As more and more people decide to return to the office full-time, it’s time to start getting creative with making an eco-friendly office. Take a snoop below for some tips to get started!

Reduce your energy usage

This tip may be obvious, but it’s critical to follow. You could utilize natural light to prevent the need for artificial light. So, by opening the blinds or installing larger windows, you can reduce your energy use and make your employees feel happier and calmer at the same time!

If installing windows isn’t an option, purchasing LED lights with sensors is the best solution. LED products are renowned for being kinder to the environment than traditional bulbs, and adding sensors to this can help reduce energy by switching the lights off when no one is using certain rooms. This will also help save your company money in the long run.

Drink responsibly sourced tea and coffee

For many workers, having a morning or midday brew is essential to tackle the day ahead. So, you might want to ensure your tea or coffee consumption is eco-friendly. Manually brew your cuppa when possible, using fairtrade brands. Fairtrade coffee is sustainably sourced while following rigorous guidelines, ensuring that the farmers and laborers who work to produce the coffee beans have improved living conditions.

Install hand dryers in the bathrooms

It’s become known that paper towels can cause a considerably larger chunk of carbon emissions than using efficient hand dryers. Thus, installing hand-drying devices in shared bathrooms could help the environment as well as reduce your office’s paper waste.

Bring reusable items

When possible, bring your own reusable items, such as a water bottle, bag, and travel cup. Many communal offices have a water station with plastic cups, so why not swap out the harmful plastic with your own reusable cup instead?

Go digital

It’s time to ditch paper waste and transition your office to digital platforms! There are countless mobile and computer applications out there that can replace your need for paper planners. Furthermore, handy apps can help you track appointments and meetings in the easiest way possible. When there is no alternative to using paper, try to print double-sided to reduce what is used up.

Key Takeaways
  • There are so many things that offices can do to reduce their intake and start helping our environment today!
  • Of course, it’s evident that a lot of work still needs to take place to improve our ecosystem. Offices generate staggering amounts of waste, and the situation should thus be taken more seriously.
  • Finally, we can learn that any individual or office as a whole has the power to negatively or positively impact our planet. It’s time to make a change today!