6 Brands Using Sustainably Sourced Cotton

If you feel it’s time to hunt for a new garment for your wardrobe, you must be aware of the materials you should buy. After all, with increased awareness of the devastating impact of certain fabrics, more and more consumers are looking to shop sustainably.

One material you can look for is organic cotton. While cotton can be very environmentally damaging, organic cotton is manufactured and certified to organic agricultural standards. This means that its production sustains ecosystems, soil health, and individuals by utilizing natural processes and avoiding artificial inputs. Perhaps more crucially, organic cotton farming doesn’t permit using genetically modified organisms or toxic chemicals, reducing its negative impact on our planet.

So, read on to discover what organic cotton brands you can start buying from today!


As an ethical clothing brand designed for men and women, UK-based Thought is dedicated to responsibly sourcing materials, creating considered designs, and supporting sustainable change. The materials include natural yarns that require fewer pesticides and less water and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The company additionally upcycles leftover fabric materials to avoid waste and generate fresh, fashionable products. Around 40% of their collection in 2022 was created through organic cotton.

Conscious Step

Conscious Step is a sock brand ideal for anyone wanting to support a personal cause. When on the company website, customers can choose a specific cause and contribute a percentage of the purchase to a partner organization supporting that cause.

Crann Organic

Crann Organic provides sustainable basic garments for kids. Utilizing non-toxic, eco-friendly fabrics, this brand’s clothing avoids irritating cuffs and tags, making it ideal for children with sensitive skin. Here, you can find materials such as GOTS-certified cotton, amongst other responsible materials.

Eco socks
Groceries Apparel

This company targets women with their organic cotton collections. As a whole, the company strives to redefine human responsibility for our planet by supporting local manufacturing, family farms, living wages, and particular ingredients. In Groceries Apparel’s selection, you can also find natural materials such as hemp, eucalyptus, and recycled plastic. Additionally, the company utilizes natural plant dyes for some of its products, ensuring that the brand stays as eco-friendly as possible.


As an eco-friendly brand catered to both men and women, Kindhumans hosts a range of collections for your entire home, including the must-have selection of basic organic tees. These 100% certified GOTS T-shirts avoid toxic dyes, chemicals, and toxins, with everything being ethically and sustainably designed and produced in Los Angeles.

Beaumont Organic

This women’s brand brings out only two collections a year to minimize the overproduction of goods. Their pieces include dresses, jackets, and jumpsuits – all made with certified organic cotton, amongst other sustainable materials. Furthermore, this brand only collaborates with EU factories that create safe working conditions and wages for workers.

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Key Takeaways
  • Shopping sustainably is clearly the way forwards for our planet. With so many brands choosing to make an eco-shift, it’s apparent that using harmful materials will soon be a thing of the past.
  • Next, we can learn that organizations adopting a sustainable approach are likelier to draw in more consumers than those that don’t.
  • Finally, individual shoppers can make a colossal difference to our planet. Even the simple act of buying a T-shirt can dramatically affect our world, making every purchase significant.