6 Sustainable Coffee Brands for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

So, you want to support a sustainable coffee company but are not sure where to start? There are hundreds of companies that claim to be "sustainable," and it can feel overwhelming trying to figure out where your dollars should go. 

Here are six sustainable coffee brands worth checking out for your next cup of specialty brewed delight.

Larry's Coffee

Larry's coffee is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and delightful coffee brand headquartered in Raleigh, NC. Larry's coffee is committed to Fair Trade and sustainable agriculture.

Little River Roasting Company

Little River Roasting Company is a sustainable brand based out of Spartanburg, SC. They are committed to a zero-waste future by using compostable packaging and provides ethically sourced coffee. Little River Roasting Company also cares about its employees and community by providing competitive pay and flexible schedules. They also donate to local civic organizations, schools, churches, and soup kitchens.

Counter Culture Company

Counter Culture Company is also based in Durham, NC, and takes pride in its sustainability and environmental stewardship commitment. The Counter Culture Company practices what they preach, which is highly visible through their annual transparency reports. Since 2009, they release these reports to share the amount they pay for coffee and their sourcing strategy's impact on the coffee value stream.

Blk & Bold

The Blk & Bold coffee brand is making the world a better place by tackling homelessness, food insecurity, and other disadvantages that affect our youth. 5% of their profits go to nonprofit organizations to support at-risk youth. Located in Des Moines, IA, Blk & Bold choose to make a difference by enabling themselves and others to impact their local communities positively. The National Basketball Association (NBA) proudly partners with BLK & Bold to amplify the company's "For Our Youth" initiative. For every bag of official NBA licensed coffee purchased, the NBA will match BLK & Bold's 5% contribution to the company's pledge.

Wonderstate Coffee

Based out of Viroqua, WI, Wonderstate Coffee is dedicated to building integrity across communities and solid and thoughtful relationships with their farmers.

Café Mam

Headquartered in Eugene, OR, Café Mam has been committed to sourcing only Fair Trade, organic, and shade-grown coffee from indigenous cooperatives.

Key Takeaways as you travel the sustainable coffee journey:

The next time you're in one of these towns, stop by one of their shops and feel assured that your dollars are being put to good use.

  • Being an eco-conscious consumer doesn't have to be complicated. Just by purchasing, telling others, donating, or engaging with these sustainable coffee brands can leave a positive footprint in the world.
  • When looking for a sustainable coffee brand to support, recognize specific terms like Fair Trade, Organic, uses of recyclable materials, or them having green certificates.
  • Sustainability is not just for the environment. It includes helping the people in the community. Brands like Blk & Bold, Little River Roasting Company, and Wonderstate Coffee are doing purpose-driven initiatives to help.
  • Become intentional as to where you spend your dollars, making sure to support businesses that are choosing to make this Planet a better place to live.