6 Resources For Staying Up-To-Date With Environmental Policy

As more and more people around the world fight to combat climate change, more businesses and governments are getting on board as well. Thanks to the incredible work of climate leaders, advocates, and voters, environmental policy is continuously changing for the better. 

While more money is being dedicated to climate action than ever before, and new laws are popping up around the world, it’s hard to keep track of every new piece of climate legislation or environmental policy. Thankfully, there are several great resources to help you stay up-to-date with all of these policy changes. Let’s dive into six of the most reliable.


The United Nations Environmental Program

Our first incredible resource to keep handy is the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). They’ve been around since 1972 and are irrefutably the global authority on the global environmental agenda. From the development of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) to implementation around the world, UNEP creates and explains a bunch of valuable information on how we can change the world for the better.


The US Environmental Protection Agency

With authoritative content and information on dozens of topics relating to the environment, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a hub that answers the most pressing questions you may have. While based in the USA, the EPA has extensive information on global policy and science that will help you stay informed.


Harvard Regulatory Tracker

Brought to us by the Harvard Environmental & Energy Law Program, the Regulatory Tracker keeps track of and explains the exact environmental agenda of US President Joe Biden and his administration. This tracker is updated continuously and is an all-in-one answer to any environmental policy updates you may be looking for. They include the legislation, organization, status, and updated date on each of the hundreds of items the tracker contains.


Science Daily

As a publication focused on the latest research news, Science Daily created an invaluable resource for staying up to date on environmental policy news. Browsing the latest on their site will not only give you insight into climate happenings around the world but also several other global policy topics that you may be interested in.


Bloomberg Green

Along with their newsletter, the Bloomberg Green site is a great way to find out what’s happening in the world of climate. They categorize their reporting by energy, ESG, science, politics, green living, and much more, giving the reader an easy way to find exactly what’s needed.


The Guardian

As an established news publication, you may already know about The Guardian. They have extensive reporting on the environment as a whole and dive into specific topics around the climate crisis, wildlife, energy, and pollution. Just by browsing their content library, you’ll be sure to learn the latest when it comes to environmental policy.