7 of The Best Sustainable Furniture Companies

If you want to live a sustainable lifestyle, you need to consider all aspects of it – including the furniture you sit on. Furniture does contribute significantly to this movement, especially when considering what goes into making a single sofa.

Think about the working conditions, the materials, and the transportation processes used to manufacture furniture – everything adds up to impact our planet. Thus, we’ve put together a list of seven sustainable furniture businesses to help you make the right choice today!


Joybird is renowned for its sustainable, hand-crafted furniture. Though the pieces available are relatively expensive, the styles, quality control, and craft tied to this brand make them worth it. Their workers are given full medical benefits, are paid fairly, and have access to a treatment facility in case they get injured on site. On top of this, the company utilized polyester fabrics in their upholstered furniture, making them attractive to any sustainable consumer.

Made Trade

This business provides customers with various décor items, garments, and sustainable furniture pieces. Made Trade strongly believes in fair-trade practices and ethical sourcing, making it a fantastic business to get involved with. After all, each product page on the website includes the product’s specific business values, ensuring the customers can select which causes are most significant to them.

Savvy Rest

Priding consumers with organic sofas, armchairs, and loveseats, Savvy Rest ensures that products are constructed of natural latex, organic fabric, zero-VOC stains, and sustainably-sourced maple hardwood. Its selection is customizable, meaning you can choose your perfect type of sustainable fabric, color, firmness, and more.

Two chairs and a frame
The Joinery

This brand is based in Oregon and celebrates its certified B Corp standard. By profoundly caring about our environment, the Joinery is able to offer consumers sustainable pieces which make ideal additions to any living space.


This environmentally friendly furniture brand incorporates modern designs and FSC-certified Appleply into its pieces. 


Etsy is probably one of the most well-known brands offering vintage or handmade furniture. Usually second-hand, Etsy has a great range of affordable options which can help you extend material lifespans.

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Medley utilizes your pick of natural latex or poly foam, zero-VOC stains, and FSC-certified wood. Their items are also free from chemical flame retardants.

Key Takeaways
  • It’s apparent that we have to think about many aspects when opting for a sustainable lifestyle. While you may not have initially considered your furniture harmful, this is certainly something to think about more seriously.
  • Additionally, we can learn that businesses can profit from selling sustainable pieces. As individuals become more conscious of their shopping practices, many have begun to boycott brands that utilize harmful materials.
  • Finally, individuals have much power when it comes to harming or caring for our environment. You might want to think more carefully next time you decide what sofa to buy.