7 Plastic-Free Sunscreens For Your Low Waste Beach Bag

As time goes on, more and more consumers are becoming invested in taking care of our environment. From investing in energy efficient appliances to reducing single-use plastics to buying second hand. This also includes buying kinder products that you utilize daily—including sunscreen. So, read on to discover the top plastic-free sunscreens you can purchase for a more sustainable impact today!


Dirty Hippies Cosmetics 

This Australian brand features non-toxic, handmade, reef-safe skin products designed to protect even sensitive skin types. Dirty Hippie Cosmetics’ sunscreen contains non-micronized zinc oxide powder, which doesn’t penetrate the skin’s lower layer.


Little Hands Hawai’i

Little Hands Hawai’i works to prioritize the protection of our oceans and reefs worldwide whilst using plastic-free packaging. Instead, the products use a stylish aluminum tin alongside compostable soy labels.

This company’s mineral sunscreen comprises natural ingredients, such as kokum butter, organic jojoba oil, and active non-nano zinc oxide. This chemical-free formula is safe for the kids too!


Bee You Organics

Bee You Organics is a brand that creates vegan, zero-waste sunscreens packaged in either a paperboard push-up tube or a minimal aluminum tin. The scented products are blended with tea tree oil in order to give them bug-repellent properties.


Raw Elements

This brand infuses active non-nano zinc oxide and organic ingredients into their sunscreens, offering consumers complete waterproof UVA, UVB, and SPF 30 protection.


Raw Love

This business’ SPF 35 formulas include beeswax, helping the sunscreen stay waterproof on the skin for up to 40 minutes in a swimming pool.


Tierra and Lava

Tierra and Lava have generated mineral sunscreen, which is perfect for sensitive skin types. The product is also sweat-resistant, water-resistant, and reef-safe. You can find this product encased in recyclable metal tins. Its enticing smell is created from its kind ingredients, including cocoa butter, vanilla beans, coconut and macadamia oil, and turmeric root.


Herbal Chest

This botanical skincare brand offers a vegan, natural, and zero-waste SPF moisturizer that is kind to dry and sensitive skin. Its all-natural formula consists of red raspberry seed, sunflower oil, and shea butter, although its critical ingredient for protection is non-nano zinc oxide.

Key Takeaways
  • For starters, it’s obvious that individuals have to consider many different products when trying to achieve a more positive impact. Sunscreen is just one item that needs to be approached differently.
  • Next, we can learn that businesses have the potential to succeed by offering plastic-free sunscreens. Companies can attract conscious consumers by taking an interest in caring for our environment.
  • Finally, any person has the authority to impact our world, even through the simple choice of purchasing a plastic-free sunscreen over a more harmful alternative. By considering these straightforward options, you can make the world a better place today!