A So-Cal Guide To Becoming An Amateur Filmmaker

Film, editing, and screen display technology allow us to enter worlds only some artists can dream of and bring to life. The most awe-inspiring films we get to experience at the Coast Film & Music Festival take teams of skilled people at all levels of production. 

Do you have film ideas that you want to bring to life? Is it a dream of yours to bring stories to the screens for all to experience? If you live in Southern California– it’s your time to shine. Below is a list of local classes you can join to begin or refine your filmmaking skills. Whether you only want to take a few classes, complete a simple certification, or dive fully into a degree, there are options in the filmmaking world of Southern California. 

San Diego City College

Specialty:  Radio, TV, and Film

Whether you are looking for a simple introduction to film or beginning your educational future, San Diego City College offers certificates, single classes, and Associate Degrees. You can develop a specific skill or accumulate credits to transfer to further education. 

Orange Coast College

Specialty: Film and Television

In less than two years, you can achieve certificates in the film industry with hands-on experience using the most current technology. This exposure can take you right into filmmaking or prepare you to continue at a university. There are Career Advantage programs and Associate Degrees available. Notable alumni include Blake Anderson and Steven Seagal. 

 Fullerton College

Specialty: Cinema and Television

Connecting you to the filmmaking scene in Orange County, Fullerton is a place where you can achieve a certificate in just six courses. There are also opportunities to complete courses for transferable credit to a university. Actor and director Kevin Costner is a notable alumnus of Fullerton.

USC Cinema Arts

Specialty: Film and Television Production

Voted #1 for best film school in America by Niche. From film equipment, editing software, and lighting, you will leave USC well-versed in all things film. This is a full educational experience with the opportunity to embark on your Bachelors or Masters journey. USC has had directors such as Judd Apatow of Knocked Up, graduate from their programs. 

California Institute of Arts

Specialty: Film, Directing 

The options at CalArts range from a Masters degree in Film Directing environments to a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Film and Video. CalArts is a commitment to seriously pursuing your focus in filmmaking and/or directing. By becoming a student at the California Institute of Arts, you will be joining famous alumni like director Tim Burton.

University of California, Los Angeles

Specialty: Theater, Film, and Television

Enroll in courses at UCLA to attain an undergraduate or graduate degree in filmmaking. This renowned school is considered a Public Ivy school. By graduating from UCLA, you will be amongst famous alumni like Jack Black. 

Southern California produces some of the most distinguished actors, directors, and filmmakers. You are next. We are ready to see what you can deliver on the big screen.

Key Takeaways
  • If you are ready to satiate your desire to get your ideas onto the screen, you have options. Start with a couple of classes at a local community college or jump right into a full-fledged degree program.  
  • Tim Burton, Jack Black, Kevin Costner, and so many more epic artists have started right here in this list of schools. 
  • Dedication is all you need to achieve your dreams. Choose your step one and take it.