Affordable And Sustainable Meal Kit Services

Meal kits are a great way to cut down on your food wastage and improve your overall diet. There are tons of services to choose from, the key to getting the best meal kit is to find one that suits your needs. Here are just a few meal kits that are both affordable and sustainable.


One of the top meal kits around, Sunbasket meals are both delicious and sustainable. They provide organic produce, meat produced with no antibiotics or hormones, as well as farm-fresh eggs. They also support local farmers and have an award winning method of sourcing wild seafood.

Snap Kitchen

A great option for those on a restricted diet, Snap Kitchen meal kits are designed with health and fitness in mind. They provide options for those on the paleo or keto diet, as well as healthy meals for those just seeking to cut down on highly processed foods.

The Good Kitchen

This meal kit focuses on helping you understand directly where your food comes from. They select mostly organic, sustainable, and allergy friendly foods. A great meal kit for those with allergies who need to ensure they are getting exactly what they need.

Splendid Spoon

While most meal kits are great for particular diets or weight loss goals, Splendid Spoon seeks to be healthy and sustainable while providing a wide range of foods to their customers.

Daily Harvest

If you’re looking for something slightly different with more unique food options, you may enjoy Daily Harvest. This meal kit service provides selections such as smoothies and harvest bowls, among other treats and meals.

Mosaic Foods

This meal kit service works primarily with frozen food, so recipients know their meals will have an extended shelf-life and remain nutritious for longer. Mosaic Foods also offer a variety of meals to suit various diets, so those with dietary restrictions may prefer their meal kits.


One of the most attractive aspects of Everytable meal kits are their prices. While offering competitive, healthy, chef-made meals, they have managed to do so within a tight budget. As the name suggests, their mission is to ensure every household has a chance to eat well.

Fresh N Lean

This is the perfect meal kit for those who are seeking a more balanced macro-meal, with ample protein and greens. Fresh N Lean also utilizes sustainable and organic ingredients, reducing their environmental impact.


This meal kit exclusively provides simple, plant-based meals. All of their kits are also organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.


In addition to offering a wide selection of plant-based meals, Sprinly primarily utilizes organic ingredients and has made great strides in sustainable packaging. All delivery boxes can be broken down and recycled, and all food containers can be reused or recycled as well.

Actionable Takeaways 

  • Meal kits come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, filling niche market voids. 
  • Some meal kits emphasize their sustainability, while others focus on their health benefits. 
  • The meal kit sector is booming, with many services gaining more and more popularity.