Back to Office Essentials

As the time to return to the office draws nearer, the need to get office supplies becomes more pressing. It’s easy to forget about office products after being at home for an extended period, so here are a few sustainable office essentials that will make your transition back to work much easier.

Staple-less Stapler

Although they may seem like small, harmless bits of metal, staples are often unnecessary and amount to a notable waste in resources every year, especially in an office environment. For regular office work, staple-less staplers are the way to go. These devices simply punch a small hole and bend a little section of the paper to secure it. This ensures the papers are held together firmly, but no staples are wasted. A great option for office documents that may not need staples that will last indefinitely.

Refillable Pens

Regardless of how much you use your office computer, you will likely need pens for everyday work. They are invaluable office resources that everyone uses, so it’s no wonder they finish so quickly. This often amounts to a lot of plastic waste, so consider refillable pens. These pens allow you to replace their ink cartridge or refill the pen with liquid ink, so the case of the pen can be used for much longer. It’s an even more sustainable option if you opt for paper pens too.

Eco-Friendly Markers

Markers are another office essential. From writing on packages to cabinets, they are a great way of jotting down important information in a visible place. However, many markers use toxic chemicals or are produced in unsustainable ways, so consider purchasing markers that use environmentally friendly ink or cases. You may even consider biodegradable or paper markers, which may be compostable and not contribute to landfill waste.

Eco-Friendly Paperclips and Paperclip Holders

Like staples, paperclips are frequently used to secure documents in office spaces. Paperclips made from recycled metals are always best, as they help repurpose materials. However, a good paperclip holder can also cut down on wasted or lost paperclips. Unlike staples, once used properly paperclips can be reused many times before they become misshapen or unusable. By encouraging the reuse of paperclips, on top of using recycled paperclips, you can reduce your overall waste.

Recycled Paper and Planners

Of course, there can be no discussion of sustainable office essentials without mentioning recycled paper. Although most office work is done digitally these days, it is important to ensure that printer paper and notepads utilize recycled materials. Also consider reusing old planners, which would otherwise go to waste. For example, if you have an unused planner from 2011, their dates will match 2022, so they can be repurposed for that year.

Actionable Takeaways

Although many offices have gone digital, carefully consider the physical essentials that are needed to maximize sustainability.

Consider the unsustainable chemicals used in your office and opt for environmentally friendly alternatives, such as markers or cleaners.

Sustainable doesn’t always mean biodegradable, so consider recycled or refillable products.